Unitised portfolio service

Our unitised portfolio service can offer clients a detailed and personal level of attention that you would typically receive from a discretionary portfolio. There are six strategies in the range, which invest in the multi-asset portfolios.

They are ideal for clients who like to engage with the investment process but leave the decisions to a team of professional investors.

Our unitised portfolio service is a simplified wealth management solution:

— a high standard of service that includes direct access to a dedicated private client investment manager. No call centres or automated telephone systems.

— online valuations including detailed information about the underlying holdings, asset allocation, investment strategy
and performance.

— access to Rathbones’ intellectual capital, including publications about the world economy and financial markets as well as broader issues related to investment.

— with six strategies in the range, our unitised portfolio service is appropriate for many different financial situations and objectives including before and after retirement.

— managed by experienced investment professionals with a proven track record of preserving and growing wealth over the long term.

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