Multi-asset portfolios

Our multi-asset portfolios provide clients with access to our extensive investment resources. There are three UCITS IV funds in the range, which are available in GBP, EUR and USD (EUR and USD share classes are hedged).

They are ideal for investors who want a multi-asset investment approach to meet their financial objectives within a defined level of risk.

Our multi-asset portfolios are a unitised wealth management solution:

— a choice of three funds to suit investors with different objectives and appetites for risk.

— an unconstrained investment universe including individual securities and funds across both traditional and alternative asset
classes, as well as investments that can offer portfolio insurance.

— managed by experienced investment professionals with a proven track record of multi-asset investing to preserve and grow wealth over the long term.

— online monthly factsheets, quarterly investment reports and investment commentary, which include detailed information
about the underlying holdings, asset allocation and performance.

— low minimum investment levels and super institutional charging terms are available through a range of platforms.

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