Individual portfolio service

The individual portfolio service offers a detailed and personal level of attention as well as access to our extensive investment resources for clients with larger sums to invest. This service is ideal for individuals and families with financial arrangements that require a tailored approach to their investment.

Our portfolio service is a comprehensive wealth management solution:

— a high standard of service that includes direct access to a dedicated private client investment manager who is responsible
​for managing portfolios and meeting the broader needs that form part of the relationship.  

— full flexibility to tailor the investment strategy to meet individual preferences and restrictions, such as avoiding any concentration of existing assets as well as accommodating any ethical investment preferences.


— an emphasis on investing in direct securities provides increased control and transparency within the investment strategy as well as helping to reduce the costs associated with investing.

— detailed information about underlying holdings, asset allocation, investment strategy and performance, as well as customised

reports and the ability to change the frequency of reporting.


— access to Rathbones’ intellectual capital, including publications about the world economy and financial markets, and broader

issues related to investment, as well as invites to seminars and events.

— managed by experienced investment professionals with a proven track record of preserving and growing wealth over the long term and meeting individual needs.

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