Clear objectives, clear pricing

We have created a transparent pricing structure, so our clients can clearly understand the value we provide and how we differ from other discretionary investment management services.

We achieve transparency through a clean, fee-only structure with no hidden costs. Larger portfolios benefit from a tiered rate and clients with multiple accounts can gain because we’re able to group their values, ensuring the client receives the best possible fee.

The Rathbone individual portfolio service is powered by our own systems and state of the art technology. This helps us to continue to deliver a tailored solution for clients and includes using direct securities to form part of their portfolio. 

Investing in direct securities reduces the total account cost for our clients compared with a portfolio that consists entirely of collectives, which carry their own underlying annual management charges. A genuinely clean, fee-only structure can also disregard charges associated with trading activity, giving our clients greater certainty of the cost.

We also have considerable buying power, because we hold around £13bn of collectives across more than 40,000 client portfolios.

Overall, our transparent pricing represents excellent value for money. The service we offer is designed to help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals. It includes complete responsibility for the portfolio as well as the assessment of client suitability by an investment manager who is dedicated to building strong relationships. 

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