Why partner with us?

We want to help you grow your business. With our extensive range of investment services, we can help you meet the needs of your existing clients as well as identify new opportunities within the market.

Alongside funds in multiple currencies and collective portfolios, we provide individual discretionary investment portfolios for clients with £500,000 or more to invest. As a specialist in discretionary investment management, we have the scale to provide high quality service at a competitive price. We then pass on this benefit to your clients through fees that represent excellent value for money.

By working with a highly experienced and dedicated investment team, you can secure greater choice for your clients while at the same time mitigating the risk to your business. This level of service is available to you, often for less than the cost of investing in funds.

We also like to reward strong partnerships, so we’re able to offer preferential terms that are linked to the amount of business you choose to do with us.

£1,000+ Rathbones multi-asset funds available in £, €, $ (€ and $ hedged)*†
£100,000+ Unitised portfolio service available in £, €, $ for discretionary clients**
£500,000+ Individual discretionary portfolios available in major currencies**

*UCITS IV, Luxembourg SICAV: available May 2016. †$2,000 or €2,000 minimum investment size. **or equivalent in € or $.

Our proposition
  Multi-asset funds Unitised portfolio service Individual portfolio service
Type Advisory Discretionary Discretionary

investment size

£1,000+* £100,000+** £500,000+**
Direct equities
Direct bonds
Direct equities
Direct bonds
Direct equities
Direct bonds


Third party platforms Rathbones via dedicated investment manager


£, €, $ (€ and $ hedged) Managed in £, €, $ strategies In major currencies


*$2,000 or €2,000 minimum investment size. **or equivalent in € or $.