Fees for advisers

Our service is based on delivering real value for clients and we believe this is what sets us apart from more commoditised and impersonal solutions elsewhere. Our individual portfolio service is aimed at clients who require close engagement within a solution that accommodates their specific needs.

Fee grouping
Client accounts are aggregated to ensure the best possible tiered rate.

Direct access
In touch with the manager accountable for investment decisions.*

Personalised portfolio

Meeting clients’ unique requirements.

24/7 access to portfolio information.

Size and strength
Peace of mind knowing that your clients’ money is looked after by one of the largest and longest established investment managers in the UK.

Buying power to secure competitive terms on collectives.

Strategic partnerships 
Preferential partnership rates for advisers committed to incorporating Rathbones into their investment proposition.

Partnership rate**
0.75%  Applicable for firms with more than £5m of client funds already managed by us in our unitised portfolio service and/or individual portfolio service, management fees will be reduced to a flat rate of 0.75%.

For firms qualifying for our partnership rate, the use of external discretionary managers usually forms a normal part of their client investment proposition.

Standard rate**: 

Individual portfolio service
1.00% on first £2,000,000
0.75% balance over £2,000,000

Unitised portfolio service

Applicable for firms choosing Rathbones infrequently for their clients.

For firms of this type, the use of a discretionary management firm is unlikely to be a core part of the client investment proposition.



*Individual portfolio service only
**In line with HMRC tax rules, our management fees are subject to VAT (where applicable) and stamp duty applies to the purchase of UK shares within client portfolios.