Our history

In business since 1742.

Clients want to be sure that their money is in safe hands. Knowing that it is being looked after by a UK company that has been in business for more than 270 years gives them confidence.

Our continued success is built on the stability provided by forward thinking, sensible, long-term management
and lasting relationships.

We move with the times by blending new ideas and the latest technology with our long-standing investment experience.

Honesty, integrity, independence

We have found that remembering where we have come from, and learning from the past, is a good way to achieve success in the future. Rathbones began life as a family business in Liverpool.

The enduring influence of the values of the Rathbone family can be seen in the importance we place on honesty, integrity and independence. We strive to earn trust by putting these values at the heart of our daily work.

The recent financial crisis brought home the importance of selecting the right partner. As part of a UK plc, we have to meet high standards of governance and regulatory oversight. We are proud of our commitment to doing business the right way. It has carried us and our clients safely through many eras.